Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fanfic month continues...

Hey everybody!

So this week we had some difficulties recording the podcast, so unforunately we'll not be doing Maddison Atkins this week. =( However, that means we'll be doing two more weeks of Fanfic month! Whoot!

The next episode we'll be talking about MessyNessy89, so be sure to get to know this wonderful series if you haven't already!

Also, tonight we'll be recording a very special episode to be released later in September. Stay tuned for that, you won't want to miss it ;)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LonelyCast15 #16: Lonelyjew15

  • FanFic Month- Lonelyjew15
  • Anne Frank herself joins us
  • Snl Calls out Daroff
  • OMG i spot a PeterBeast
  • Greggerz!!!
  • 24in6 announced first... but it already happened

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What if Anne Frank came on LonelyCast15?

Hey all!

So, in case you weren't listening last episode, FanFic Month has started, and our first episode will feature LonelyJew15! Tune in next week to hear us talk about Anne Frank and friends. We even have a couple special guests!

See you then ;)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

LonelyCast15 #15: The Resistance is Coming

LC15 #15

-"Welcome Sesame Street!"
-The series summed up by Chris
-Finale: hit or miss?
-The new series is coming!
-What should we name the new podcast?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Poknish epically Phails...again

So on Saturday we had a podcast with 8 HOST! And I (Poknish) was suppose to record it. Well i did, but my interweb has been on the fritz (sp?) the last couple days, so when i went to edit it, it was so skippy and stuff that I could not post it. SORRY to, Lexi, Katie, Chris, Mitch, Snl06, ThatFreakinRandy, Liv. But this was a learning experience. We learned that 8 people on a podcast IS WAY TO MUCH. And i feel really bad, IM SOOOOOOOO SORRY


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

LC15 #14- Poknish Epically Phails

LC15 #14

-What is the Father's name? Impromptu Contest!
-New Segment: Rate the week
-LG15>Grandma's birthday...
-PERFECTION!?!-Sarah's Little Secret ;)
-Who will be the new main character?
-Poknish Changed the story...
-Who's the biggest Lonelycracker?
-Fanfic Month is coming!
-Katie's Challenge to you...
-Kids watch LG15 too!
-Gender not specified...

Monday, July 21, 2008

LonelyCast15 #13: Uber Trait Positive!

LC15 #13

-Many things have been going on this month.
-Cha-cha: what is LonelyCast15?
-An impromtu weekly summary.
-Is Lucy more than a helper?
-We analyze the microchip poem line by line.
-August: Fanfic month! Send in your suggestions.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Some Updates

Hi there, all you lonelycrackers!

We have a new way to contact us! We have set up a YouTube account, and will be posting videos up there in the near future. You can send messages, be our friend, and subsribe! Also, we have subsbribed to our own accounts, so you can check out all our videos while you wait for our special LonelyCast15 videos.

One video worth mentioning at the moment is Poknish's "What do U Think" video, where he raises the hooded person's voice pitch. Some people claim it sounds like Sarah, others say Lucy-but what do you think? Check out the video here.

Unforunately LonelyCast15 #13 will be delayed this week. There were some problems with the recording, and one of us wasn't in the greatest mood. But we will record again for next week, and make sure its better than ever!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements from us!
-The LonelyCast15 Hosts

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

LonelyCast15 #12.5: KateCast!

LC15 #12.5

-An all KM podcast
-Angus and Chris (two non-KM fans) join us
-Precious Blood or the Last Work?
-Is Terrence dead? No.
-"Aww, poknish said Sophie marry me!"
-Fav Characters-LEE!
-Many favourite moments. With Lee!
-KM Characters coming back for a different series?
-Who's the bigger...KM fan!

Monday, June 30, 2008

LonelyCast15 #12: Poknish TV

LC15 #12

-Evergreen, Chris and Liv join us this episode.
-P. Monkey knows all.
-We study Gina's pictures
-Plotholes around the Breeniverse are being filled!
-"See ya later" from Emma and Jennie(?)
-Will TAAG meet up with Lexi in LaCrete?
-Many segments: Who's the Bigger LonelyCracker?, Weekly Poll and one we haven't seen in a while.
-Tune in next Thursday for KateCast!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The HoO Fence!

Waaay back when the show started, I mentioned that there was a fence that I passed on my way home that had the symbol of Hymn of One that we all know and...uh, hate. Well, after procrastinating a fair amount, I finally decided to walk over and take some pictures, so you guys could see it too! It was kind of weird taking pictures of the fence (hopefully the family wasn't watching from their window), but I hope you enjoy it!

The fence in all its glory.

I was bit scared getting close to a symbol of a cultish society.

But I soon changed my mind. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

LonelyCast15 #11: Did you just slap a baby?

LC15 #11

-Katie and Lexi are away, but Pok co-hosts with Chris, Liv and MicFranXon!
-Taylor: captured by the Order?
-Evergreen rocked her video
-RIP Gina =(...a baby cries for her.
-KM takes over LG15?
-And Zarbod will too!
-LonelyCast15 takes a very R rated turn.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

LonelyCast15 #10: Secretllamas

LC15 #10

-Cursed show! Ack!
-Emma's off to...Romania?
-No vids this week, but we're talking season 3 (so far)
-Where the bleep is Taylor?
-Suspicious Carl
-Somehow we get onto the topic of llamas...
-Plotholes and puzzleholes make us sad
-Oh noes, someone is going to die this week!
-Weekly Poll