Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Join the Podcast! Fight the Order!

Lonelycast15 is an brand new, in-the-works podcast that is all about (you guessed it) the popular YouTube series, Lonelygirl15, and the fandom that goes with it. Every week we will discuss the latest videos, clues and theories of the Breeniverse. Keep watching this space for more info!

We are currently looking for people that are "lonelycrackers"-hopelessly addicted lonelygirl15 fans, to co-host the show. You don't have to co-host forever; in fact, if you just want to be on one episode, that's ok with us. If you're interested or have any questions, e-mail us at
lonelycast15@gmail.com, or send a personal message on the lg15 forums to quirkynesss.

Have a good day, guys!
Lexi & Angus

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