Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lonelycast #2: The LG15 Radio Theatre Show

Download here

  • Christian can't be here this week, but 707clique joins us instead!
  • No annoying beeps this episode...hurray!
  • LG15 Super Happy Fun Time Land:
  • The season's relationships: Sarah & Daniel, Jennie & Jonas, Gina &...Jason?
  • Clique gives us a very dramatic performance..and another one...and another one...
  • "Jonas, I'm Jerry Springer."
  • The Boggle puzzle and chat
  • How did Emma get to the train station?
  • We less than three Broken Kid!
  • And Gina too.
  • Next week: Roadtrip!
  • Angus Update
  • We are the HoO

Editors: surfthetsu and Lexi


JenniPowell said...

I don't know if I am the only person having this issue, but I am subscribed to cast through itunes and it is going to take 8 hours to download episode 2. Just thought I'd make you aware it it as that is quite a long time and I don't remember having that issue with episode 1.

Broken Kid said...

Hey guys...Great job! This episode sounded great, and you really covered some great issues. Thanks for the kind words too! Keep up the great work! I've subscribed!

But yeah, I have the same problem as Jenni...can't get the eps downloaded...

IbrahimNg said...

707clique is awesome. He is well-spoken and hilarious and his tangents really give your podcast a distinctive identity.

Can you keep him?

Lonelycast15 said...

Hmm...that is mom didn't have that problem when she downloaded it last night (yes, my mom listens to me talk about a series she knows nothing about). I'll check it out on itunes and see what I can do. =)

As for your comment, Ibrahim...I'm glad you like him! I don't know if he's avaliable every week, but I'd like to have him back as well.


Broadway Katie said...

Hey, I had the same problem. You need to cancel the download and manually click Get. That seemed to work for me :)

surfthetsu said...

or click unsubscribe then re-subscribe

707clique said...

I liked the show, except some of my parts seemed to get cut off right in the middle of them, or be sped up wayyy too fast. However, I liked the show and sure I'd be happy to come back, it was fun.
Just hit me up on myspace or email.