Monday, March 3, 2008

Lonelycast #4: Doo doo doo!

Download here

-Surfthetsu joins us!
-Lexi has a real life LG15 experience
-Video unavaliable? Nooooo!
-The use of sexual completely unsexual videos.
-Gina and her memories
-Thanatos Basileos analysis
-Angus Update
-Weekly Poll: Who is your favorite bad guy?
-Virgil isn't really a bad guy, he's a bood guy.
-From a bood family. ;)
-Next week its going to be a par-tay!


Surfthetsu said...

I recommend this episode highly.

Broadway Katie said...

So very awesome! And you put in my AU theme song! Yay! Wow, I sound really perky, don't I...

Ren said...

Awesome can't wait for the next one. Pretty flawless, just don't put too much into "p"s and "b"s get the little pop of breath in the mics.