Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lonelycast15 #5: 5 Hosts, 1 Podcast

LC15 #5

-We're five weeks old!
-We have a bunch of hosts today!
-Angus has the sniffles...
-Masonishappy: canon?
-The live broadcast: TURN OFF YOUR COLOURS!
-Someone comes out of the closet.
-What's lonelygirl15?
-We talk about how we became lonelycrackers.
-Weekly Poll
-Contact us at
-a bunch of bloopers


JenniPowell said...

Hi LonelyCast! Thanks again for letting me cohost, it was a blast!

Unfortunately, the link isn't working for me and it's not downloading into my itunes for some reason. Just wanted to make you aware!

modelmotion said...

I think u have an extra http in the link at the top.

Lonelycast15 said...

It should work now, thanks guys!

Ren (on LG15) said...

Happy 5th podcast guys!!

I thought there was going to be cupcakes or something like that.

So close to an hour, new personal best. Instead of getting a permament new host why not have more guest host to keep things fresh and interesting.

I think that if Angus has an ipod that you should upload the shows onto so he can't complain that he can't watch it.

I thought the live broadcast wasn't as great, I had alot of problems with it freezing and such. Made me not really wanna watch it but I found a way.

Anyway, good job and can't wait for that next one.

poknish said...

This was a really great show. I laughed so much, thx

Emersion said...

Gah. You guys didn't mention Mason's last video which set him in Mexico before the LG15 video came out :O

Lonelycast15 said...

Hey Emersion!

We didn't talk about that because it wasn't out when we recorded the podcast. =) We usually record about a day or two before we release the show, so we couldn't possibly get everything! We would have talked about it though...had Mason have had better timing. :D