Monday, April 28, 2008

LonelyCast15 #9: So Off-Topic!

LC15 #9

-We're (finally) back!
-less than three=<3
-Crossover! SQUEE!
-Where the **** is TAAG?
-Trademarks and Harry Potter.
-Sarah has been taken by a Sweeney Todd imposter. Ahh!
-Don't eat Carl's pies.
-FANtastic Fan Series of the Month! week.
-A silly Weekly Poll.
-Care to join us for episode 10?


milowent said...

yes, please sing bromance!!!!!! :-) good show.

milowent said...

oh, btw, its my-lo-went, it doesn't rhyme with pillow. not that that really matters. :P

Anonymous said...

Good show!
Please please please sing Bromance and do those two other segments you did in Episode 8.
And I woulllddd be a host but I don't have a mic.
I'm a huge fan of the show, though! :)
I'd totally buy a shirt.
Onomatopoeia, i think.


Liz said...

Please have a better scheduled show, its ridiculous to listen to you to hum and haa while trying to think of something to say, and seriously um is not a real word so don't say it after every other word. And your intro is extremely lame, unfortunately I can't fast forward through it, so I have to mute it. Seriously, put some intelligence in to the show. Also Giles is not pronounced "guy-els" its pronounced "Jiles" (note: emphasis on the J!)

Liz said...

Also, just because you speak english does not mean Turkish is not very well known. Get your facts straight.