Monday, June 16, 2008

LonelyCast15 #11: Did you just slap a baby?

LC15 #11

-Katie and Lexi are away, but Pok co-hosts with Chris, Liv and MicFranXon!
-Taylor: captured by the Order?
-Evergreen rocked her video
-RIP Gina =(...a baby cries for her.
-KM takes over LG15?
-And Zarbod will too!
-LonelyCast15 takes a very R rated turn.


Anonymous said...

the awkward silences in this episode are the best part. I'm not being sarcastic, I love it.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Thanks again for reading part of me email. it was really long. REALLY LONG.

Haha. You guys predicted the video title!
That's hilarious.

Didn’t DB tie up Jonas and Bree was against it?
Idk for sure.

Emma won’t die she’ll get kidnapped.
I agree on that whole aggressive thing.
I think they destroyed the Order in the USA.
Then the Order in some other country will prepare to migrate.
During this preparation they’ll be a month or so of peace.
Then one day “On no guys! Trait positive girl is on our doorstep! We have to save her!”
So then they take in the “trait positive girl” who’s actually a spy and is coding her vids so the order can find them.
Then it’s back to normal.

I seriously love this podcast. You guys rock!